Youth Doubles 8.28/29


High School Tournament Has Been Rescheduled To The 19th Of Sep

Land Of Liberty Tournament Information

Registration deadline for the Adult Co-ed tournament is 10 PM on 22 August, 2020 and 10 PM on August 26th for the Youth Division or when the tournament fills. We can only host 30 teams per day, teams over the 30 will be placed on a waiting list.  All registration dues have to be paid in full through PayPal NLT 23 July 2020 or your spot will be lost. Walk-on registration the morning of will not be allowed. 


Check-in is from 8:30 to 8:50 AM.


Play starts at 9:00 AM, Doubs Woods Park, Hagerstown MD 21740

Cost: $50 per Adult team

Youth: Cost is $25 for non-Liberty players and $5 for Current Liberty players.


All levels of play :3 Courts are sand and the rest are grass, however we will mix the play schedule between the grass (please bring shoes) and sand courts so teams will play on both. Semi's and Finals will be played on Sand if possible. 


Adult Division 22 Aug.

High School Division 29 Aug: Players from each team MUST have been in high school during this past year. 2020 Graduated seniors are welcome to play in the high school division.


Middle School Division 30 Aug: Players who were in the 5th – 8th grade during the past school year. Boys are allowed to play within the Middle School Division only.


All waivers must be signed by and submitted to the LEVBC staff before anyone will be allowed to play. This can be done during online registration.

Adult Tournament Format: There will be 3 divisions with a cap at 30 teams: Women's, Men's and Co-ed. Women's teams can play in the co-ed division if they would like to. For each pool of 5 teams (during pool play) will play 1 game to 21 with a cap of 2. For pools of 4, 1 game to 25 with a cap of 2 will be played. For playoff games,  1 game to 25 with no cap will be played. Pool play rankings will be decided based off of total wins. 2 way ties will be broken by head to head outcomes during pool play, and then total points earned. For 3 way ties, the tie will be broken by total points earned. If a 2 way tie is left, it will be based off of head to head during pool play.  Everyone will play at least 1 game in playoffs with a single elimination playoffs schedule. T-Shirts will be handed out to the top 2 teams in each division. AVP Game balls will be provided at each court. 

Youth Tournament Format: There will only be 1 large pool for the high school division. For the middle school we will do our best to break teams down into 2 brackets by school year 5th Grade and 6th Grade and 7th and 8th grade. Each team plays 1 game to 21 for pool play each game will have a cap of 23. Playoffs will consist of 1 game to 25 with no cap. Everyone will play at least 1 game in playoffs. There will be a Gold division (teams 1&2), a Silver division (teams 3&4) and a Bronze division (team 5) single elimination playoffs. T-Shirts will be handed out to the top 2 teams in each division. Game balls will be provided at each court. 

Results will be uploaded in real time on the results page within the Liberty Website as long as we have internet connection.

Bring your own ball for warm-ups and bring plenty of sunscreen.  Bring plenty of food and drinks (water or sports drinks). Chairs and blankets can make in-between match time more comfy.  This park has lots of shade so canopy's are not necessary to bring. Umbrellas would be good for score keepers to sit under while doing their duties.

**Each Youth team MUST bring hand sanitizer with them. No hand sanitizer No play.

**Due to the COVID 19, we are limiting each court to 5 people on a court at a time. 2 teams that are playing and 1 for score keeping and refereeing. It goes without saying, if ANYONE in the household is not feeling well, please do not have your child show up and play. You will receive a complete refund if this is the case. We want the kids to have fun but stay safe!! We will be checking temperatures of all players before they will be allowed to participate.

We also ask that only 1 spectator come with the youth players as we are trying to keep the numbers to a minimum. 

We are requiring that all players use hand sanitizer before and after each match. The game balls will be wiped down with sanitizing wipes before and after each game.

For teams that are not playing or refereeing it is imperative that you spread yourselves out through the park near the courts. There is plenty of room for everyone to maintain the required 6 feet of distance.  There are bathrooms near each court as well.





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