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TEAM LEVBC is a non-profit, registered 501(c)(3) (tax exempt) organization that was formed to foster national or international volleyball sporting competition by providing opportunities for girls and boys in grades 2-12. Our mission is to promote the principles of teamwork, individual responsibility and good sportsmanship through participation within team sports.  Our primary goal is to develop the individual skill level of every player, while providing them with the opportunity to perform at a high level. Ultimately, this process can result in providing many beneficial opportunities to our athletes including collegiate scholarships, college connections, and more. 

Washington County and its surrounding areas of PA and WV, has an average per capita income of $33,682. There are currently 18,118 2nd – 12th graders in our county. Many of these families cannot afford to place their kids in sporting activities due to the cost.  Our goal is to be able to provide clinics free of charge or at the lowest cost possible to the youth in our area in order to promote health, fitness, character development, build self-esteem along with the opportunity to experience, develop and grow within the sport of volleyball. The clinic season will be from May – Oct every year. Information flyers will go out to the schools in mid-April.


All of our head instructors are past collegiate volleyball players, current or past high school or college coaches who have generously agreed to volunteer much of their time and efforts to this cause. All together we have over 80 years of experience to include built relationships with many D3-D1 college coaches. All of our coaches have had tremendous success with the development of children and their volleyball skills. Each has had the distinct pleasure of producing winning teams within their perspective divisions. 

Our volleyball expertise lies in all of the domains of volleyball which will allow us to help each player grow and develop in all areas of the game. All of our coaches are dedicated in providing the best coaching  possible to grow and develop anyone who has the desire to play volleyball.


Donations help the organization with their gym maintenance fees and growing the club.


Consider sponsorship to LEVBC. This is a great opportunity to support a local program.

board notes

We offer notes to our board meetings keeping records about our decision making process.

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