MANDITORY PARENT and PLAYER MEETING: 19 Nov 2021, 6PM for those selected.
Practices USUALLY start after Thanksgiving. Parent meeting will be on the 19th of November, 6pm at the Liberty Gym

National Teams - These teams are our National teams, our highest level teams in each age group and will practice 3 days a week. Their tournament schedule is mostly played out of region where they will compete against clubs from across the country.  The Open teams are trying to earn a bid to the USAV National tournament. If bids are earned, they will attend USAV Nationals in Indianapolis IN. If USAV bids are not earned, they will be attending AAU Nationals in Orlando Florida U18 is usually in May and U11- U17 In June.


Open Teams - This is our in Region Open level teams that will practice 2-3 days a week. The Open teams goal is to complete in Open level and higher age group competitions within our Region. However, they will play in AAU Bid winning tournaments where their goal is to earn a AAU Bid. If an AAU bid is not earned, they will be attending AAU Nationals in Orlando Florida.  U18 is usually in May and U11- U17 In June.

Club Teams - These teams will be our developmental teams and will practice 2 days a week. Their goal is to develop their skill where they are competing at a very high level within our region, within their age group at the club level.  If enough progress is made during the season, the coach can decide to play in an AAU tournament to see if they can earn a bid. If they earn a bid to AAU's they will be attending AAU Nationals in Orlando Florida (U18) in May and (U11 - U17) In June. 

U11 Team - This team will practice 2 days a week. Team schedules are as you see below. If the teams earn a bid to Nationals, they will be attending which ever bid they win (AAU or USAV).  


The level of teams will be decided at tryouts. When offers are given out to players, they will know which team they have been selected for. The below schedules are what we intend on playing in.  However, they are tentative as it will be based off of our acceptance into each tournament. 



**ALL COSTS (minus player travel costs and Nationals Costs) including gym fee's are accounted for within the below prices. Depending on how much money we make during the tournaments we host, each player will receive a refund based off of the money made and the difference of the facility costs up to $500.

U11's Team Schedule

$600 - W/O Uniforms

$800 - With Uniforms

+Gym Fee's $500

**Possible $500 refund

National Teams  U13-U18:

$1950- W/O Uniforms

$2300 - With Uniforms

+Gym Fee's $500

**Possible $500 refund

Open Teams U12 - U18

$1000 - W/O Uniforms

$1300- With Uniforms

+Gym Fee's $500

**Possible $500 refund

Club Teams U12 - U18

$800- W/O Uniforms

$900- With Uniforms

+Gym Fee's $500

**Possible $500 refund

Cost breakout.

Regular CHRVA  –  6

AAU - Hosted Tournaments  –  2 

*IF BID IS WON - Nationals  (Cost not included)  –  4

Possible Play Days  –  12

CHRVA National Harbor Showdown  1/21/21 (Baltimore) - 3  ALL TEAMS

Ohio Valley 18's Qualifier 2/4/22 (Columbus) - 3 18's Only

MAPL 1/29/22 (Hampton) - 2 U12 - U17

Antietam Grand Prix (Hagerstown) 2/12/22 - 2 ALL TEAMS

SVT Southeast 18's Qualifier (Atlanta) 2/25/22 - 3 18's only

AAU Virginia Beach Grand Prix (VA Beach) 3/5/22 - 2 U12 - U17

CHRVA Shamrock Showdown (St. James)  3/19/22 - 2 U12 - U17

Bid Regionals (MD) 3/6/22 - 1 ALL TEAMS

Northeast Qualifier (Philadelphia) 3/11/22 - 3 U18 Only

Windy City Qualifier (Chicago) 4/15/22 - 3 U14-U17

Northeast Qualifier (Philadelphia) 4/16/22 -3  U12-U13

Northeast Qualifier (Philadelphia) 4/22/22 -3  U14-U17

Antietam Grand Prix Championships (Hagerstown) 4/30/22 - 2 (Possible)

East Coast Championships (Pittsburgh) 5/28/22 - 3 U12 - U17

JVA Summerfest (Columbus) 6/4/22 - 2 U12 - U17

Nationals  (Cost not included)   –  4 ALL TEAMS

     *USAV Nationals U11-U17 - Indianapolis 

     *USAV Nationals U18 - Kansas City

     *AAU Nationals  - Orlando 

Regular CHRVA  –  5

AAU - Hosted Tournaments   –  2

ACPL Richmond (Richmond) - 2

AAU Travel Tournaments - 4

AAU Nationals (Cost Not Included) Orlando  –  4 ALL TEAMS

Possible Play Days  –  16

Regular CHRVA  –  8

AAU - Hosted Tournaments  –  2

** IF BID IS WON - AAU Nationals (Cost Not Included) Orlando  –  4

Possible Play Days  –  14

Reminder, all fee's include gym fee's which can be refunded (up to $500 each player) once the needed amount has been fundraised through hosting our AAU tournaments.  All parents will be required to volunteer at these tournaments.