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Three is not a crowd at Liberty Elite volleyball club! Here is a fun way to improve your skills while having fun playing volleyball! Come join our Triples Tournament!Teams will be added on a 1 st come 1 st serve basis.

How to Sign Up?
Pick your team of 3 (high school age). Co-Ed is ok (each co-ed team must have 1 female on the team). Only need to fill out one registration per team.

Tournament format
3 pools of 4 teams each playing round robin
(2 sets to 25, 1 set to 15 for tie breaker). Top 2 teams off of each net will play in play-offs. Play-off games will consist of 2 games to 25 points.With a 3 rd game to 15 for a tie breaker.

Work Teams
Each team will be required line
judge and keep score.

$90 per team ($30 per player) and each player
must bring at least one pair of new or gently used shoes (No ice skates, roller blades, roller skates) Prizes for 1st and 2nd place.

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