Liberty and our COVID Plan:

We will do exactly what we did this past club season. NOT SHUT DOWN. We will continue in any way possible within the USAV, MD State and County rules.

If COVID does hit again, we will do everything in our power to keep working with the kids. This year we started with ZOOM practices 2 times a week, we then moved to outdoor practices, then moved to small group indoor practices and then finally 1 team at a time indoor practices to a fall ball league. We continued to work with all of those kids who wanted the training from March through Oct. We are committed to our families and their athletes.

As for REFUNDS if the season would shut down again. . . we will provide as much of the player fees back as possible. Uniform costs ($300), Gym fees ($500), coaches stipends and any paid non-refundable tournaments costs are sunk. HOWEVER, whatever is left after that will go back to every Liberty Participant if we are not allowed to continue with the season.

Your kids are our number one priority. We have figured out how to host events and make them successful, proven with practices since March, our fall ball league and Pat Powers clinic, with ZERO COVID spread or exposure.

Come join us!! Liberty is ready to take on Volleyball and do our best to keep your kids safe and to be fair with your hard earned dollars.

Tryouts are this SUNDAY... come out and be part of the Liberty Family.





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